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The world of divinatory arts is sometimes difficult to join for the outsiders: indeed it is a very muffled and elitist world, whose the actors perfectly know how to be discreet. That is why it is often hard to find some reliable information on the web. However, the astrology and the clairvoyance are captivating more and more people, who want to call upon the divinatory arts to find the meaning of their life, heal their uneasiness or even educate theirselves.

Clairvoyance and tarology

The clairvoyance is an occult practice which consists in predicting the future in several ways: some diviners read the future in the palm of the hand, some other diviners use a pendulum or a crystal ball. As for the fortune-tellers, they use a tarot card game: in fact,each tarot figure is the representation of someone's character trait, or a past or incoming event. In spite of a lack of concrete founding principle, these arcane practices help many people in finding the meaning of their life and get ahead more serenely. Indeed nothing is better thant knowing what the future holds to have a more peaceful life.

Astrology and horoscope

The astrology is a more concrete practice: it is based on the study of the position and the motion of the planets, stars and constellations, to predict the future. The astrologists believe in the influence of the celestial bodies on the sequence of events on earth. So they are based on their movement to put two and two together about the future. The horoscope is also based on this principle: according to the zodiac sign of someone, which is determined with the date of birth, the astrologists make some predictions for the week, the month or the incoming year. The are also able to make the birth chart of someone: from some more precise information like the place and the hour of birth, the astrologist produces the portrait of someone's personnality.

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